While looking up a few details about the Rosetta flyby, I came across a space poem called Fly-past. My first reaction was to be a bit flippant about the whole idea of space poetry. If an earlier version of this post I brought up the spectre of Douglas Adams’ Vogons. But having given it a bit of further thought, I regret that initial reaction. If something inspires you, why should it not be celebrated in a poem? Space does inspire people in all sorts of ways. It is not an exaggeration to say that the first Earthrise images taken by Apollo 8 (see above) captured the imagination of a generation. So I took up my own earlier challenge and had a look for other examples of space poetry on the web. Of course there are plenty of examples, here are just a few: SPACE POETRY, SPACE AND ASTRONOMY-RELATED POEMS Space should not just be an intellectual activity, but an emotional one too. So contrary to my initial reaction, there is a real place for poetry in space. But don’t tell the Vogons.

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